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Coastlands Church is excited to be hosting guest speaker Rebecca Greenwood.

Rebecca is co-founder of Christian Harvest International, Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network (SPAN), International Freedom Group (IFG), and Christian Harvest Training Center (CHTC).

From the time she was a young girl, Rebecca felt a drawing of the Lord that she would be used by Him.  In 1990, during a time of prayer, she was overcome by a strong presence of Holy Spirit. During this encounter the Lord showed her a vision of thousands and thousands of souls from many nations. He challenged her saying, ‘Will you be accountable for the souls I have assigned to you? Will you reach them for Me?’ Captivated by this experience she obediently responded to the mandate of the Lord to the nations.

Since this Kingdom encounter, Rebecca has been seeing the lands of the world impacted for the Glory of God, reaching people with the Gospel and setting the captives free. Her heart’s cry has become, Lord give me the nations. As a result, this God driven passion has propelled prophecy, prophetic intercession, transformational spiritual warfare prayer, deliverance, and teaching the word of God extensively in the many lands.

Over the past 30 years, she has ministered in and participated and led in spiritual warfare prayer journeys to 46 countries such as Egypt, Nepal, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Spain, China, and to many cities and locations throughout the United States in which measurable breakthrough of transformation has been witnessed.

Having a heart for lost souls, Rebecca has seen many saved and set free. She ministers in transparency from her personal experiences of overcoming fear, depression, rebellion, and anger into freedom. She is committed to equipping in scriptural truths on how to live an overcoming life of purpose, fulfilment, and destiny. Rebecca also has a desire to equip people and churches to have a Jesus-captivated, authoritative prayer life in which change, and transformation are realised.

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